Customs clearance & Deliver service for household goods, personal effects, motor vehicle



Thank you very much for inquiring of our company. Our reply to your inquiry is made one business days inside. It might take time to your answer according to the content of the inquiry.
When there is no reply from us, there is a possibility to be deleted your email by mistake depending on the virus software. If you don’t have any reply from us, please feel free to contact us by phone or fax again.

Indispensable matter
■ Inquiry information is sent automatically to your email address that you fill on the form.


Acquisition Agreement

Upon acquiring of your private personal information in writing, the following articles are specified.

  1. Name of the entrepreneur: Cross Knowledge Co., Ltd.
  2. Name of the company post of the supervisor of private personal information protection, that person’s employer and his/her contact information: President
    zip code: 231-0013 1-14 Sumiyoshi-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama, Japan
    Telephone Number: 045-226-2741 FAX Number: 045-226-2742
    Email address:
  3. Purpose of use of private personal information
    I use for inquiry correspondence
  4. In the case of furnishing private personal information to a third party
    The company furnishes private personal information that has been acquired in the context of employment and wage administration for the purpose of carrying out procedures for paying salaries by bank transfer to the bank that has been stipulated as the account for making bank transfers. In all cases outside of this, based upon the relevant rules and regulations, for the purpose of protecting a person’s life or body or property, in which there is an emergency necessity, private personal information will not be furnished to a third party without your previous agreement.
  5. In the case of carrying out consignments for handling private personal information
    The company will consign acquired private personal information for handling by an outside organization.
  6. Concerning private personal information that is to be released, in cases where there has been a request for stopping informing for the purpose of utilization, for releasing, for revision, for addition, or for deletion or for stopping of use, or erasure or for stopping of furnishing that information to a third party, the company complies with that request. In such a case, the desk for making inquiries is the above-mentioned supervisor of private personal information protection.
  7. Options for furnishing of private personal information
    Furnishing of private personal information is optional. In case you will not furnish us with such information, we cannot provide you with work that is involved with a purpose for use of that private personal information.